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Transform Your Menopause Experience:
Personalised support to help you thrive during this new chapter of life
  • Support your body’s unique needs during menopause with nourishing food.
  • Optimise your health with functional movement that feels good.
  • Eliminate toxins and prioritise wellbeing with mindful product choices.
  • Reduce stress with relaxation techniques and self-care rituals.
  • Embrace menopause as a time of growth and transformation.

If you’re ready to navigate menopause with ease and embrace this new chapter of life, let’s work together to create a personalised health and lifestyle plan that supports your unique needs.

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Discover the Secret to Thriving in Menopause Without HRT
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Learn the Secret to Thriving in Menopause Without HRT
Australasia’s Leading Health and Lifestyle Program for women going through menopause
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Designed to guide and support you through your menopause journey.
“I now have the Instruction Manual to my Body”
“I fell in love with my Body in a deeper way.”
Surprising How Easy it Was
 “This program had so many benefits – not only to my health but my psyche too. I never felt pressure on this program – which really helped me succeed. And being able to structure it into my own existence helps too. My sleep had improved dramatically. My weight has dropped. My energy upped. Clarity is better. And less bloating. So all a win win. It is surprising how easy it has been.”

JAI, Melbourne 

Feeling Lighter
“Angela is a wealth of knowledge about all things related to menopause! Her open and honest approach makes this program unique. I am very happy with all that I have achieved in the past 12 weeks. I have learned so much and feel so much better in my body. Feeling lighter and a big difference in my legs and bum. Ha ha!“

MERRIDY, Hong Kong
Loving My Life And My Body
“I was a mess. I can now go for walks and a bit of a run without my heart racing out of my chest. I no longer have to go lie down exhausted after a half hour of doing nothing. I now feel lighter (I’m not just talking weight). I can breathe easier, don’t get exhausted, and I just feel so much healthier. I wake and feel I have something good to wake up to and I’m loving life and my body again.“

RINA, Sydney

“I’m addicted to feeling well now!”
“I improved my health substantially.”
Ready to learn more about navigating menopause with ease?
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Weight gain around the belly is the most common complaint that women moving through menopause have.

Despite not changing what you are eating or your exercise, that stubborn weight around your waist won’t shift.

Grab your FREE copy of the Secret to Getting Rid of Your Meno-Belly today to discover what is really happen with your weight gain.
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