Welcome to Season #4 of the "Menopause Conversations" podcast.

This is the place where we openly discuss the issues that impact women as they move through peri-menopause and beyond.

Many women start to notice changes to their body and their hormones as they reach their mid-forties (sometimes earlier), and they struggle to find someone who understands and can support them. This is why the Menopause Conversations Podcast was created.

This podcast is not just about how to treat hot flushes and the many symptoms experienced during this transition (though we will cover this topic and many more) it is also about the emotional, social and spiritual changes that can occur at this time of life.

My name is Angela Counsel, I am the CEO of embrace Menopause, a company that has been created to support women through their menopause transition and beyond. I'm a Naturopath & Kinesiologist and I am your host for this podcast.

Each week I will cover different topics that impact women in this time of life, introduce you to guests and experts on a variety of topics, as well as women who will share their personal stories with you.

If you have topics you would like covered, please email me at support@angelacounsel.com.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

If you would like to be a guest on the Menopause Conversations Podcast, click HERE to complete an application form.
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