5 Day Understanding Menopause Workshop
If you are struggling with symptoms such as hot sweats, rapid weight gain, sore joints or other symptoms associated with menopause discover how you can lose weight, feel great and get energised, even if you have tried HRT or other solutions before,

...all by taking control of your hormones

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The next round of the 5 Day Understanding Menopause Workshop starts on TBA
"I don't know much about it or if I am even in it"
"Menopause is for old ladies isn't it?"
"I don't know who to talk to about all of this"
"If I stick my head in the sand, it won't happen"
These are common statements that I receive from women in their mid 40s who have no idea about the hormonal changes their body's are going through.  There is a belief that menopause only happens to "old" women but menopause can start up to 10 to 12 years before your final period.
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The word "menopause" can create fear and confusion in many women.  Not only do they not understand what is happening to their body, they often feel like it is an eternal struggle to get through each day.

Whether you are a women who has niggling symptoms or you have extreme symptoms there is a better way to live your life.

The Goal of the Understanding Menopause workshop is simple...
to show you how it is possible to navigate your menopause transition with ease and to do it without have to take a pile of pills or potions.
During this workshop you will:
  • Understand how your hormones work and what happens to your body as they start to shift with peri-menopause
  • Discover how you can navigating your menopause transition with ease
  • Find out why there is no "best" diet that will help you to lose your meno-belly and what you can do instead
  • Get resources each day that will help you to take action to get you in control of your hormones
  • Finally feel like you have a solution that will work for you
  • Meet other women who are on a similar journey to you
  • Have the opportunity to win prizes everyday in the facebook group
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Your Understanding Menopause Workshop details...
Get daily coaching from me to understand what is happening to your hormones and discover how you can navigate menopause with ease.
Private Facebook Group
The Understanding Menopause Workshop will take place in a private facebook group so that you can join in from anywhere and at anytime.
Value $350, yours for FREE
The Understanding Menopause Workshop is valued at $350 but you will get access to the program and me for the entire week for FREE.
Plus $475 in FREE Bonuses
Daily Guidebooks

Each day you will receive downloadable Guidebooks to help you discover how you can navigate menopause with ease.  Includes hormone balancing recipes, lifestyle and other tips.

Value $125

Live Q&A Calls

During the Understanding Menopause Workshop I will be running some live Q&A calls, this is your opportunity to get your questions about hormones and menopause answered.

Value $350

Facebook Community

When women come together they can create a beautiful supportive community that achieves much more than if you do things on your own.

Value Priceless

That's over $800 worth of value absolutely FREE but only when you register now. Click the button below to join the hundreds of other women who have registered.
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What previous workshop participants say
Let me share with you the exact same steps that I teach my clients


I am Angela Counsel and I am a Naturopath and Kinesiologist and I love showing women how it is possible to navigate menopause with ease without having to take a pile of pills.  

During the Menopause Workshop I will be guiding you through the exact same steps that I use with the members of my embrace Program. 

This information has allowed members of the embrace Program to:

- lose up to 20kgs in 12 weeks

- sleep through the night and wake refreshed

- eliminate symptoms such as hot flashes and joint pain

- accept the changes that are happening to their body

- come off their HRT and other medications

- have the confidence to show up as themselves

... and they have done this without the need to take additional herbs, supplements or medications.

There is a difference in merely surviving menopause and truly thriving in the next half of your life.  I am on a mission to see as many women as possible THRIVE!

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