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If you have started noticing changes in  your monthly cycle or you are experiencing symptoms such as weight gain, sleep issues, hot flushes, joint and body pain then it is likely that you are in your menopause transition.  This is often called peri-menopause and can last for up to 10 years before your periods stop.

What I want you to know is that you don't need to struggle during this time of life and it is possible to navigate your menopause transition without the need to take HRT or anti-depressants.

I support women as they move through this time of life by providing them with the tools that they require to take control of their hormones so that they can look and feel great.  My signature program is the 12 week group program call "embrace".

If you are not quite sure about working with me then why not book a complimentary Discovery Call.  On this call I will learn more about you and what your dreams are, then we can decide whether working together is right for you.

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Free 7 Day Hormone Reset

Discover how you can take control of your hormones and health so that you can navigate your menopause stage of life with ease.  This free 7 Day Hormone Reset will take you step by step through the process that I share with my clients.  Click the button below to register

embrace Health & Lifestyle Program

The embrace Program is an online group program designed to help you to live your best life. The embrace Program is a 12 week online group program designed to re-balance your hormones and help you to look and feel great. You will receive a personalised diet and lifestyle program alongside group accountability to support you with implementing your health plan recommendations. This program is run 3-4 times a year, click the button below to find out when the next round kicks off.

Complimentary Discovery Call

If you are a woman who is in peri-menopause or who has transitioned through menopause and you are wanting to reduce your symptoms naturally and be a part of a growing community of women who have embraced their wisdom.  Why not book a complimentary Discovery Call to learn how you can navigate this stage of your life with ease.

LifeLine Technique Healing Session

Discover the secret to creating the life of your dreams with the LifeLine Technique (LLT).  LLT is a form of kinesiology that allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind to help you discover why you are not already living the life you desire.  If you struggle with chronic health or ongoing emotional issues, let LLT help you find the answer


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