Welcome to the Wise Women Conversations Podcast.  This is the place where we openly discuss the issues that impact women as they move through peri-menopause and beyond.

Many women start to notice changes to their body and their hormones as they reach their mid-forties and they struggle to find someone who understands and can support them.  This is why the Wise Women Conversations Podcast was created.

This podcast is not just about how to treat hot flushes (though we will cover this topic) it is also about the emotional, social and spiritual changes that can occur at this time of life.  

My name is Angela Counsel, I am a Naturopath & Kinesioogist and I am your host for this podcast.  Each week I will bring you experts on different topics, as well as speak to women who are open to sharing their personal stories about how they transitioned through menopause.  If you have topics you would like covered please email me - angela@angelacounsel.com.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

If you would like to be a guest on the Wise Women Conversations Podcast, click HERE to complete an application form.

#1 Welcome with 
Angela Counsel
Welcome to the first episode of Wise Women Conversations Podcast  In this episode you will meet your host, Angela Counsel.  Angela shares a little bit about herself and why she created this podcast.  Click HERE to listen.
#2 Maintaining a Healthy Pelvic Floor with Caitlin Grace
In this episode Angela chats with Caitlin Grace, Pelvic Floor Specialist, about the impact that menopause can have on your pelvic floor.  This conversation goes in many different directions including connection to our feminine energy and womb healing. Click HERE to listen.
#3 Living Effortlessly with
Carren Smith
Carren Smith has known tragedy in her life.  After surviving the Bali Bombings Carren experienced the depths of depression.  It was from this place that Carren learnt what her purpose in life was.  Carren is a beautiful spiritual teacher who shares her gifts with the world through speaking and writing.  Click HERE to listen.
#4 Becoming a Warrior Woman with Fiona Van Lochem
Many women reach their mid-stage of life and feel lost and not sure of who they are.  In this week's episode Fiona talks to us about tapping into your inner warrior woman.  Fiona shares some tips on how to let your inner child out the play and have more fun in your life. Click HERE to listen.
#5 Meeting the Maga Woman with Angela Counsel
The word "Maga" means Wise Woman in Sicilian and in this episode Angela shares her interpretation of this beautiful word.  She shares how she came to find this word and how she uses it to describe the beautiful wise women in her community.  Click HERE to listen.
#6 Emotional Eating with
Irene Geller
Emotional eating is something that impacts many women.  In this conversation with Irene Geller she shares what emotional eating is and how it can impact your life.  We talks about the role your cultural upbringing can play, ,along with stress and other factors.  Click HERE to listen
#7 What is Menopause?
Angela Counsel
Many women are confused about what menopause is and how it might impact their body and their emotions.  This episode is the audio version of a video that I created earlier in which I define what the difference is between peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.  Click HERE to listen.
#8 What is happening to my Hormones
with Angela Counsel
In this episode I share with you how your hormones are changing and how this impacts your body and emotions ass you move through your menopause transition.  Click HERE to listen.
#9 Making a difference
Kathy Wong
After retiring from a very successful business Kathy decided to come out of retirement to make a difference in the world.  She started up her own social enterprise business and Kathy has helped over 7000 children in India go to school.  Kathy shares for crazy dream in this conversation.  Click HERE to listen.
#10 Finding Yourself
with Keri Norley
In this week's episode Keri Norley shares how she moved her family to the other side of the world and fell in love.  Keri takes us on a journey to uncover some deep family belief patterns and how she was able to step out from behind the wall she had been hiding behind.  Click HERE to listen
#11 Connections
with Lisa Entwisle
This week I am speaking to Lisa about connections - connection to self, connection to others and connection to nature.  We also talk about the masks that women wear to be accepted in our society.  Click HERE to listen.
#12 Facing Fears with Tegan Marshall
Tegan Marshall is the author of a book called Facing Fears and she has spent most of her life overcoming her personal fears.  During this conversation Tegan helps me to face some of my own fears.  Click HERE to listen.