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Why Being Everything to Everyone isn’t the Answer

by Angela Counsel

Woman with busy background low resI know that you are good at what you do but maybe you are doing too much.  Often when I speak to clients and I talk to them about creating a niche they are afraid of not being available to everyone who wants them.

Being everything to everyone can lead you to burnout and could even stop your business from growing.

Being seen as an expert in one particular field is an easy way to quickly build your client base and keep you motivated.

I asked a client the other day whether she enjoyed working with all of her clients and she said no.  I asked her how many of her clients she did enjoy working with and she said about 50%!!  Imagine spending half of your time working with people that you don’t really like or connect with.  This can leave you feeling unmotivated and often you can feel resentful of the time you spend with these people.

I am not saying that these people don’t deserve to be helped, just that you aren’t the right person to help them.  You would be better to realise that they aren’t your ideal client and either let them go or refer them on to someone else.

Creating a niche for your services and identifying your ideal client avatar, doesn’t mean that you don’t work with other people.  It just means that you invest your time and money to attract more of the type of people that you want to work with.

For some businesses you may have more than one ideal client, but I suggest that you get one client avatar right first before you move on to the next one.  Once you know your ideal client you can create the ideal product that suits their needs and solves their particular problems.

Knowing and understanding your ideal client will mean you are working with the type of people who excite and motivate you and because you become an ‘expert’ in that field you will get great results.

With great results comes word of mouth recommendations which will keep you booked up months ahead with more of your ideal clients.  What a great way to build a business!

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