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Why are Drs dismissing women’s concerns?

I was reading an article in a UK newspaper this morning about a woman who was having problems with Drs believing her symptoms and being able to realise that her hormones were affecting her and that she was in peri-menopause. After speaking to a nurse who mentioned to her that what she was experiencing might have been peri-menopause she took herself to a Dr who specialised in treating peri-menopausal women (ie prescribed HRT). The point of the article was that women are not being believed or understood by their GPs and needed to visit several Drs before getting some help.

I was fine with the general tone of the article but this quote by the specialist Dr that I have highlighted in the image above, blew me away. The (female) Dr made the statement that menopause should be treated as a condition of hormone deficiency not a stage of life!!!!! Any wonder women are struggling with peri-menopause and the associated symptoms if Doctors are making comments like this.

Menopause is a natural stage of life, it will happen to every woman who has ever had a period.

It is NOT a condition of hormone deficiency that requires HRT to correct the deficiency. We don’t ‘need’ the additional hormones if we no longer have an egg supply to support. Yes the changes in hormones can cause different symptoms but this is because there are underlying issues that need to be addressed e.g. stress, poor diet, poor liver function, not enough sleep, environmental toxins and importantly mindset around ageing.

I know that some women get relief from their symptoms using HRT (aka MHT) but there are risks with long term use and it isn’t addressing the underlying cause of those symptoms. Once these women stop taking HRT their symptoms return and often can be worse than before.

I recently spoke to my 70+ year old Sister in Law about the work that I do with women in peri-menopause. She said that she didn’t understand why I had so much work to do because for her nothing much changed except her period stopped, she had no significant symptoms. I have had this same conversation with several other women who are in their 70s and I get the same story. So what has changed in the past 20-30 years? Why do women now appear to experience more symptoms than women in the past?

The answer lies in our diet, lifestyle and our use of synthetic hormones (eg the pill, ivf treatments). It is not because we have a hormone deficiency. Often women have an excess in oestrogen which is causing their symptoms so adding more synthetic oestrogen doesn’t really solve the problem.

Our mother’s and grandmother’s had the same hormonal shifts without the symptoms. We need to be looking at the cause not shutting women up with a band aid approach, that simply puts more synthetic hormones in the body which come with risks and more symptoms.

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