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What Your Subconscious Mind and Google Have in Common (and why it’s contributing to your self-sabotage)

by Angela Counsel

Our subconscious mind is exposed to 2 million bits of information every second. That is an astounding stat.

We are bombardedSearch engine brain through all of our senses – touch, sound, taste, sight and smell. As all of this information comes in, our subconscious mind needs to filter and store it, because event though 2 million bits of information coes in, our subconscious can only store about 134 bits per second.
There is a big difference between what comes in and what we can store. That’s because we have a filtering system which reduce the amount of information that stays with us.

It’s similar to how a search engine works. Let’s look at Google as an example. Google is exposed to millions of bits of information every second but when you search for something, your results don’t show you all of that information. Instead, you see the top 10 results based on an algorithm Google uses to rank the importance of the information in relation to the phrase or word you searched for.

So like Google, your brain also filters all the information it receives according to the following criteria:


  • language used
  • your memories
  • your past decisions
  • your values
  • your attitudes
  • the time
  • your energy
  • your ancestral program (beliefs handed down through the generations)
  • your past experiences

And many many many more….

Just like a search engine, your subconscious mind is continuously searching your database of information to help you make decisions.

You will act or react based on those results. This is why you continue to repeat past behaviours that don’t work for you and you end up self-sabotaging.

So what do you do about it?

You change that belief system. If you don’t, you will continue to experience fear, pain and stress. This is one of the most transformational elements when I work with women on this. It’s like being the driver of a steam engine. The moment you choose to let go of all those train carriages you have been dragging along behind you, you become free-er, faster and will get to your destination a whole lot faster.

How do you change you beliefs and mindset? Well, you can work with me of course 😉 ! What I do is focus on ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, relaxation, experiencing gratitude and releasing guilt. I’ll talk about it more in future blog posts but for now sit with those concepts and look at how you can bring those elements into your life:

  • Relaxation
  • Gratitude
  • Releasing what doesn’t serve you

It’s a powerful start.


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