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What running taught me about goal setting

By Angela Counsel

Goal setting
What my morning run taught me about goal setting

When I first woke up this morning I made this intention – “Today I am going to be my very best”.  Then went for my morning run.  In the past week I have increased my running distance from 5km to 6.5km and I normally average a run rate of around 7:20 – 7:40min/km.  I felt really good when I started run.  I knew I was running at a good pace, it must have been the brand new shoes I bought yesterday.  I set myself a half-hearted goal to keep my rate below 7min/km for the entire distance.

The first 3 to 4 kms were going well, my running app was telling me that I was maintaining a good pace.  As I start to hit the 5km mark I started to feel tired, in the past I would have stopped and had a rest.  I would use the excuse of having a drink and stop for a couple of minutes to catch my drink.  I did this because I thought it didn’t really matter, no one knew what goal I had set and who cared how fast I ran.  Today was different.

As I was running I heard the voice in my head telling me “it doesn’t matter, just take a break”, and then I would answer with “you have got it in you, keep on going”.  I had set an intention to be the very best I could today – giving up wasn’t being my best.

I realised that giving up on a goal wasn’t just something I did when I was running. I did it in other areas of my life as well.  My gorgeous coach and mentor Carren Smith (check her out at often tells me that what you do in one part of your life, you do in other parts of your life.  As I was running I realised that I let myself off the hook a lot.  I set business goals and then when the going gets tough I give up and give myself an excuse as to why I didn’t achieve the goal.  I also do it in my personal life, I give up a lot.

Is this something that happens in your life?  You give up on your goals? Do you give up on yourself?    It’s time for you to reach for the stars and live the life of your dreams.  Keep on going and live every day the very best that you can.

By the way I had an average of 6:30min/km for the entire run, my best pace ever.

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