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What if I Don’t Know?

by Angela Counsel

Unsure woman low resI was recently speaking at an event which was full of Mums with young children.  Some of these Mums were working, some were looking for work, some ran their own business and others were stay at home Mums.  I was speaking about Secret Mums Business and was sharing one of the foundations of ditching the guilt and living your best life – knowing your values.

In my presentations, I speak about how important values are, because I think values are the foundation of everything else I teach.  When you know your values and live in alignment with those values you stop being what everyone else expects of you and start being your true self.

It was what happened after the event that made me stop and think.  I had several women come up to me and say – “I loved what you said about values but what if I don’t know what I want to do?”

My response to every woman who spoke to me was the same – “You already know, the answer is in your heart not your head.”

When I said this some women cried, some women said “I know you are right but how do I find it”, others just said nothing but looked at me in a way that said “yeah, I get you”.

One of the questions that we ask in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) when a client says I don’t know is – “What if you do know?”  If you have ever worked with a coach you have probably heard this question before.  What this question does is gives you permission to use your imagination and get out of your head for a moment to look for the answer.

The first answer that comes up is always the right answer for you.

Understanding and knowing your values (what is truly important to you), is the first step to knowing your purpose in life.  Remember your purpose does not need to be world changing but your role in the world will change when you are living your life purpose.

So as we prepare for a new year, get some clarity around your thinking and your mindset. Ask yourself what you want to do. Instead of asking ‘What if I don’t know?” ask yourself “What if I do know?” And watch the answer appear…….

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

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