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Menopause – The Change

In the past menopause was referred to as “the change”.  I am not sure if this term was meant to be a positive one or not, but it does describe what is happening to women as they move through this stage of life. 

Menopause is a time of change. It can be a time of transformation or it can be a time of struggle the choice is yours.

It is said that there are 4 stages of change

  • Denial
  • Resistance
  • Exploration
  • Acceptance

I speak to women who are in all 4 stage of change when it comes to menopause and I tend to work with those who are in the exploration stage, women who are ready to explore what else is possible for them. 

Let’s quickly explore each stage so that you can decide where you are at on your journey.

Denial – this is the woman (often women in their late 30s) doesn’t want to even think about menopause because she believes that she is too young to go through menopause.  Unfortunately, this is not true as more and more women are going through menopause in their early 40s or earlier.

Resistance – this woman is fighting the changes that are happening to her body.  Often, she will seek out medical assistance to reduce her symptoms or will have a very negative view of her body and hormones.  I am a member of several facebook groups where these women hang out, they are looking for quick fixes and are not interested in exploring what else is possible beyond taking a pill to fix the problem.

Exploration – this woman is searching for answers, she wants to address the underlying cause of what is happening to her body.  She understands that there is no quick fix, even if she decides to use pharmaceutical drugs, she does this with a full understanding of the impact they will have on her body. I love working with these women to guide them on their journey to discovering themselves and what works best for them.

Acceptance – this is a beautiful place to be, to be fully accepting of the next stage of your life.  Women in this stage are the wise women of our society, they are the role models who show us all what is possible.  These women experience very few symptoms associated with menopause because they are so in love with their life and their body. 

What stage of change do you think you are currently in?

I am not sure why there is often a negative feeling around the changes that happen in menopause, when as women we have experienced change our entire reproductive life. 

  • When you went through puberty, your body and hormones changed.
  • Each month as you went through your cycle, your body and hormones changed
  • When you fell pregnant, your body and hormones changed
  • When you gave birth, your body and hormones (and life and sleep) changed

So why is it that when women move through menopause and their body and hormones change, there is such resistance to it?  It is often the resistance to this change that causes stress, which in turns causes you to experience symptoms such as hot flushes, weight gain plus more.

I invite you to move to the 3rd stage of change (at least) and explore what is possible for you. Have an open mind and heart and try different things.  Fall in love with the marvellous way your body communicates to you and listen to the messages of your body, more on that in a future blog.

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