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The Sweet Spot

by Angela Counsel

Tiffany boxWhen you find your sweet spot your business will be making you all the money that you want and you will be doing what you love.  The sweet spot is very difficult to find but once you find it your life will never be the same again.

So what is the ‘sweet spot’?

The sweet spot is where what you are good at, what you love and what makes you money all intersect.  When you can capture all 3, you will be a sought after and well-paid expert in your field.

Most people are able to do 2 of the 3 really well, but the last one eludes them.  They might be making a lot of money doing what they do well, but they are not passionate about what they do.  You often see this in the corporate world, this was me for a long time.

Many small business owners are passionate about their business and are really good at what they do but they don’t make a lot of money.  This has also been me in the past.

So what do you need to do to be doing all three things well?


When you are positioned as the ‘go to’ person, others will pay you for what you are good at and hopefully this is also what you are passionate about.

The first step in being seen as the expert is to ‘own’ your niche market.  This means having a very narrow but extremely deep niche not a broad and shallow niche.  The more exclusive you become, the more your ideal client will pay you for what you know.

Think of Tiffany.  Mmmmmm…….Tiffany………

What woman doesn’t want to get a blue Tiffany box?  Tiffany’s know their ideal client and they are exclusive and expensive.  Tiffany’s is a jewellery company, they are good at what they do.  They are passionate about their product and their branding and they make a lot of money.  They have mastered their sweet spot.

Making more money doesn’t necessarily mean having more clients, it means knowing your stuff inside out, being passionate about what you do and identifying exactly who is looking for your product/service and is passionate about the same things you are.

Have you found your ‘sweet spot’ yet?

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