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stress management libraryby Angela Counsel


I write about stress a lot. It’s because the women I work with come to me when they seem to be at their peak levels of stress. When I was in clinic I would treat women day in and day out for symptoms and illnesses caused by long term stress.

It is scary what stress can do to you. I have seen firsthand the health and wellness complications it can cause. I have also experienced it myself.

It’s why I’m so passionate about helping women who are simply doing way too much and not living their true purpose. As I’ve said before, it’s when you are living in mis-alignment with your values that stress really kicks in.

So today, I have totted up all the posts I have written on stress, symptoms of stress and ways to combat it so you can live happy and healthy.


1. 7 Affirmations for Stress Management

2. Managing Stress with a Coping Toolkit

3. Managing Stress with Herbs

4. How is Your Busyness? 

5. Why Being Everything to Everyone Isn’t the Answer

6. 3 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Stressed Out

7. 8 Signs Stress is Affecting your Health

8. Why Work Life Balance Doesn’t Exist


Have a read through and I hope something, even one thing helps you get those stress levels down. Life’s too short…



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