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The Link Between Values and Vision: Barbara’s Story

by Angela Counsel 

Road to sunset low resQuite often values and vision and goals and action plans all get mixed in together without a clear definition of what the role of each is in the blueprint of your life. This post is about making it clear and sharing Barbara’s story from the book Secret Mum’s Business.

Values are a measure of importance you put on something or someone. It is the underpinning foundations of how you live your life. They are conscious and sub-conscious and when you are not living in alignment with your values, that’s when the stress, frustration and anxiety kicks in. For more information on values, have a listen to this podcast I recorded here and read this blog post here.

The vision is your big picture or purpose. It should be bigger than you. A vision should really stretch you. It’s how you want to live, how you see yourself living. The goals and action plans are the strategies you put in place to truly live your vision in line with your values. Here is some more information on how to create your vision. Click here. 

Here is Barbara’s story on how she brought her vision to life….literally!


Barbara and her husband decided they wanted to take a six month trip around Australia, including taking their children out of school and showing them the parts of Australia most people never see. 

Now, Barbara couldn’t really afford to do this – she was employed part time as a contractor with a large computer company, and her husband was a teacher. So Barbara created a vision board for her trip around Australia.

After creating the vision, Barbara then started to plan were she would go. She had a map of all the places she wanted to visit, and then went to the local camping show where she found a  fantastic Winnebago that she wanted to travel in. She had her photo taken in it which she then put on her vision board. Barbara also put her vision board where she could see it, which gave her a daily reminder of her vision.

Over the next twelve months Barbara received the exact model of Winnebago she wanted, secured a deal to make a documentary of the trip, and both she and her husband got time off from their jobs.

Just before they left Barbara came to me to talk about whether she would be able to fall pregnant. Because she was over 40 her chances were slim but not impossible. Having a baby also went on her vision board. Barbara and her family took off on their dream trip and shortly after they left I received a phone call saying that she was pregnant.

Barbara manifested everything on her vision board within 12 months of creating it. Since then Barbara has manifested many things in her life including cars, trips overseas and money.

Through having a clear vision, Barbara was able to create her dream life.  


Do you have a vision board? Have they worked for you? For more information on how to create a vision board, check out this article here.


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