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The Link Between Time Management and Motivation

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Have you seen this quote before?

“ABILITY is what you are capable of doing

MOTIVATION determines what you do

ATTITUDE determines how well you do it”

It’s a good one! But I’d like to add another line to it….

“TIME MANAGEMENT is how you get it done.”

Because here’s the thing. It’s all well and good to have the ability and attitude and the motivation

but if your time management and prioritisation skills are poor, your motivation will gradually be

sucked right out of you.

When you don’t manage your time, things get on top of you. You feel overwhelmed, things start

getting moved across to the ‘too hard basket’. In fact, things end up in the ‘don’t even up doing it’


And when you feel like that, it’s very hard to get motivated to do better or do anything!

So, here are five simple time management tips and the motivation benefit it will bring to your work

life, health and / or home life.

1. Get it out of your head

Write a To Do list. If you don’t write one every day, make sure you write one at least once a

week. Think about that mini-rush you get when you cross something off that list. You get

motivated to keep going, yes?

2. Be proactive not reactive

Schedule your day. Don’t respond to emails or FB messages just because you got an alert

saying you got an email or private message. Be disciplined and allocate scheduled times

throughout the day to reply to emails or any other forms of communication. You’ll finish

projects faster and be motivated to start new ones.

3. Me time set in stone

This one is really important for your health. Every day I walk to the beach after the kids have

gone to school and I DO NOT start work until I come back from that brisk walk. That ‘date’

with myself does not move for anyone. I even walk in the rain. That time gives me valuable

space to clear my head, surround myself with nature AND get myself motivated for the day


4. Collaboration

There is nothing like sharing the like-minded load with someone, whether it’s another

business owner you’re working on a project with, or a contractor you work with or a friend

that you have decided to do the City to Surf with. Having someone else to work with drives

and motivates you to better yourself. Excuses are hard to give to other people, aren’t they?

5. Daily planning sessions

This is for work AND home. Giving yourself 15 minutes at the end of the work day or at night

time when the kids are in bed to plan ahead for the next day will save you loads of stress. If

its work, clear your desk, write up a quick plan for the next day, and get anything ready you

need to for a meeting or Skype call. You’re one step ahead already which means you won’t

be dragging your feet about stepping into the office and tackling the day.

From a home management perspective spend 15 minutes prepping school lunches, putting

breakfast items out on the table, ironing school uniforms – whatever it is you need to do to

help the family get out the door in the morning without any tantrums (including your own!).

Just popping this 15 minutes aside the night before means you’ll be less likely to hide under

the covers in the morning and more likely to bounce out of bed knowing that you’re one

step ahead already.

Can you see the link? Getting yourself organised and managing your time will go such a long way

towards helping you manage your workload. It’s about being proactive. The more organised and

proactive you are, the higher the levels of motivation.

The higher the levels of motivation, the faster you reach your goals.

Go for it!

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