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The Difference Between Food and Nutrition

by Angela Counsel


When I was speaking at the Secret Mums Business Experience event on Tuesday, I noticed one of the thngs I said got just about everybody in the room nodding. It was almost like all of the attendees had an a-ha moment together.

“We don’t need food to function. We need nutrition.” 

Because here’s the thing. You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner a few snacks in between, maybe you grab some dessert once the kids are in bed and you’re curled up on the couch catching up on tv, reading your book or checking your emails. You’ve been eating food all day.

And that’s great! You need food to survive. No one is debating that at all.

What I’M saying is, we need to fuel ourselves with the RIGHT sort of food to get the best from our bodies and minds and also to ward off chronic illnesses and the physical impacts of stress and a busy life.

We need nutrition.

Here is one of my favourite favourite favourite quotes.

hippocrates quote

Hippocrates is widely recognised as the father of modern medicine and that quote right there ^^^^^ that’s why.

There was a time when the food we ate was a proactive way to ward off disease and make sure all pistons in our body were firing correctly. Now, thanks to decades of consuming over-processed foods, convenience and junk foods and drinks that are high in sugar or even food and drink that is made up of entirely man-made ingredients (!!!!!) we are now REACTING and using food lifestyles (ie Paleo, I Quit Sugar etc) to turn the symptoms of this consumption around.

So let’s get PROACTIVE again.


1. Before you put anything in your mouth ask yourself if it’s going to add nutrition to your body or take something away

2. Eat food as close as possible to it’s natural source

3. Cut out processed foods. There is a McDonalds burger in Iceland that is still perfectly formed nearly 20 years after it was served. Yeah, that stuff isn’t going to break down in your body people!

4. Nutrition doesn’t mean deprivation. If you have a sweet tooth or you’re not willing to forgo your nightly dessert just yet, there are always alternatives. Check this Raw Blueberry Cheesecake out. It’s from the Deliciously Ella website and is a much better alternative to a frozen cheesecake from a box. Anyone who eats this will absolutely NOT feel deprived.


deliciously ella raw cheesecake


In my book Secret Mums Business, I have written a whole chapter on Healthy Eating. Have a read. If you don’t have a copy of the book, download it at the bottom of this post.

This month, I’m focusing on sharing Healthy Eating tips and advice with you. You can take baby steps or jump all in. Either way, you’re making a change. Remember you only get one body. Be nice to it!

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