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The Difference Between a Job and a Business

by Angela Counsel


Self employed sign low resI have been to many different presentations and heard other people’s definitions of what a business is.  At a recent event I heard that people who run their own small business without a team really have just created themselves a job.  Even the tax department determines that businesses that earn under a certain amount are hobbies, not a business.

This made me stop and think.

What is the difference between a job and a business?

I had a job in the past and I know that the mindset of someone who is employed is often vastly different to running your own business.  Even if you are devoted to your job and love it, the biggest difference is the risk and the passion.  When you work for someone else you haven’t taken any risk, you haven’t invested financially in yourself and your idea.

I think that running a business is about backing yourself, being prepared to stand up for what you have created.  Putting your heart and soul into something that may not pay you any returns for years (if ever).

Running your business will often give you more heartache and stress than having a job will ever do.  Walking away from a job for something better or different is a lot easier than closing a business.  For many people who run businesses their biggest driver is not the money but the difference they can make in the world.

The size of your team and the amount of your turnover is not what makes a business.  It is your heart and your passion that creates and grows a business.

Forget what other people say about what the so called definition of a business is.  You have a business. You have a passion. So be proud of what you have created.

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