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Cathy Player

“Completing a program with Angela is an exercise in investing in yourself.  I found that it gave me permission to focus on me … my needs, my health, my life … I haven’t done that for a very long time.  Thank you for your guidance, support and wisdom.” Cathy Player, Organisation Consultant Continue Reading

Sandra Winton

“Before I saw Angela my body and mind were in complete disarray. Thanks to your fantastic ability to change negative to positive it has literally enabled me to view life very differently.” Sandra Winton, Airline Attendant Continue Reading

Danielle Robertson

“I came in with a clean bill of health from my GP but couldn’t lose weight. Just by changing foods that didn’t agree with me, it has altered my health outlook and weight loss. I am now on track to meet my goals. I appreciate everything Angela has done.” Danielle Robertson, CEO Danielle Robertson Consulting Continue Reading

Kathryn Harradine

“Angela, I just wanted to say thank you (again). You have given me the confidence to set out what I want and I gave myself 3 goals this year and I’ve already ticked 2 off the list and I’m over the moon! The 3rd one I think is very close and I’m super excited.” Kathryn… Continue Reading

Beatrice Peters

“Angela has given me clarity and direction as I go about the process of setting up my new business. She is very good at working through any blocks that I have.” Beatrice Peters, Physiotherapist, Health Coach & Speaker Continue Reading