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Strategy Series: 2 How to Create a 90 Day Action Plan

by Angela Counsel


AC starting blocks low resLast week we kicked off the Strategy Series talking about 3 year and 12 month goals and vision. This week we’re going to drill down a bit more. I’m going to explain a 90 Day Action Plan to you and how to create one.

Goals are easier to achieve if you can break them down into smaller strategy plans. Instead of a 12 month goal of losing 50 kilos which seems very overwhelming, when you break it down to 4 kilos a month during the next 90 days, that’s not as confronting.

A lot of strategy is about perception. If we perceive something as achievable (which is what a strategy creates for us) we have a much better chance of success!

Okay, so here’s how you create a 90 day action plan:

  1. Select three goals out of your 12 month goal list you created last week
  2. List what you need to do to complete those goals within 90 days. Get logistical. it’s all about the do! I call them your To Do’s. What is on your To Do list to complete the goal?
  3. Grab your diary and calendar and look at immovable dates you have already scheduled in there (you be speaking at an event, attending a parent/teacher interview, away on holidays etc).
  4. Enter target and completion dates for the 90 days into your diary.
  5. Enter the To Do tasks into your diary.

Done! How easy was that? It doesn’t have to be hard? It’s just a matter of breaking it down into achievable chunks.

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