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Strategy Series: 1 Thinking strategically when setting goals

by Angela Counsel


Tclimbing a mountain low reshis is the first blog in a four part series about strategy which is the theme of this month on the blog and also on Facebook Twitter, Instagram and all the other platforms!

This doesn’t have to be business related. If one of your goals is to get healthy or have an organised home, you’ll need a strategy for that too. I just doesn’t happen overnight.

So, the reason I am picking strategy to talk about is because we tend to get all excited in January. Write down our goals, get clarity for the year ahead, know what we want.

But then we don’t do anything about those goals. You may write up an action plan or a strategy but then never look at it again. And if it stays filed in a folder on your desktop never to be seen again, it’s not much use to you.

And then at the end of the year we sit and wonder why we haven’t achieved those goals, get all disheartened and stressed out and in a worse case scenario, we give up.

So these four blog posts are going to break down how to bring a goal to fruition through strategy. Simple steps that will get you there.

Think of like climbing a mountain. The goal is the top of the mountain but the strategy is how you are going to do it.

SO! Let’s start with your goals. You’ve probably already written some down or have an idea in your head of what you want to do. The important thing is to attach time-frames to everything.

Start with stepping out of the now and looking forward a few years.


Start to think about what you would need to do to be on track to achieve your three-year vision. Instead of just writing the goal down, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What would need to happen this year?
  • What would I need to do this?
  • What resources or tools would I need?
  • What do I need to change?
  • Where do I need to go?

You get the idea….



Okay so really think about what you want out of the next twelve months, referring back your 3 year vision to get a feel for what would need to happen this year to achieve that vision.

Make a list of your goals for the next twelve months.

  1. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
  2. Create the goal as if you were already there by using the words “I am…..”

Fabulous! You’re on track. So next week I’ll share how to break the goal down into achievable milestones which means a greater chance of success. And getting to the top of that mountain.



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