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Stop Learning. Start Doing.

by Angela Counsel

Time for Action low resAs you are reading this blog, have a quick look at your web browser and see how many tabs do you have open at the moment?  If you are anything like me it is likely to be 10 or more.

Why do we always have so much going on or open at the same time?

For many of us it’s because we are looking for the perfect answer to our problems.  You want to learn as much as you can and when a piece of information lands in front of you, maybe you don’t have time to read it right now, so you keep the tab open until later.  Or maybe you keep your emails that you want to read later in a special folder.  But do you ever go back and read them?

I can remember having over 2000 emails in my “to be read later” folder.   I was using Outlook at the time and then my computer crashed and I lost everything.  I lost the 2000 emails I was going to read later and the other 500 emails that were in my inbox, which I hadn’t even got around to sorting or reading yet.  It was the most devastating yet exhilarating experience.

I was devastated because I lost all of this information   I had lost the potential learnings, the things I thought I needed to know.

Yet, it was exhilarating because I had nothing left to read and I could start again.  And for a long time I kept my email account at almost empty. I also moved to gmail so I wouldn’t lose my emails again.

Over time though my emails have crept back up again and I generally have at least 10 tabs open in Chrome (and pray every night that my computer doesn’t restart and I lose them all).  I do now use Evernote to clip pages and file emails that I want to read again, but honestly until recently I wasn’t even going back to the information in Evernote.

I think this gathering of information, emails, webpages etc is all about learning.  As I grow my business I want to learn more.  I used to be a ‘seminar junkie’. I would go to so many seminars and do hundreds of courses because I wanted to learn more.

I wanted to know how to grow a successful business, be a better person, be a great Mum.  I wanted to learn it all.

What I realised a few years ago was that all the learning I was doing was actually stopping me from implementing.  I had learnt what I needed to do, but I wasn’t doing it.  I was procrastinating.

The best thing I did for my business, for my family and for myself was to stop learning and start doing.  I got myself a coach who would keep me accountable and I started implementing everything I had learnt.  Success comes from ‘doing’ not from ‘learning’.

Now, I’m not saying give up learning and education all together. In fact, think about how much you learn when you are actually implementing something.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ll still go on a retreat or workshop but I make sure it fits with my objectives and where I am at right now with my business. What value will it add? I’m a little choosier now and run courses by my coach who gives advice on whether it’s worth attending or not.

At this stage though I know my time, energy and money is best spent implementing and creating and having a coach who keeps me on track.

How about you? Are you a course junkie?

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