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Stop hating your body for what it’s weight

Would you ever tell your child or best friend that you can’t love them because they weigh more than you think they should?  Would you ever tell them that they are lazy, fat, ugly or anything like this?  Would you ever tell your child or friend that they need to be punished because they are not the “ideal weight”?

I am sure that your answer would always be NO!  That seems so cruel and is definitely not very loving.

So why do you it to yourself?

Every day I see women who don’t love their body because it isn’t what they consider the “ideal weight”.  These women speak to themselves with some of the worst language and then they say they are going to go on very restricted diets which are like a punishment for the body.

Why do women treat their body’s like this?

Your body is a marvellous machine, everyday it keeps you alive and it does this without you even realising it.  The body fights disease every single moment of every day, it grows new cells, it repairs the damage that you do with food and environmental toxins. So why don’t you love your body with every ounce of your being?  Why are you not grateful from the deepest part of you for the gift of your body?

If you are one of the millions of women in the world who are concerned with their weight, I have a couple of questions for you.

  • How many diets have you been on in your lifetime?
  • You are an intelligent woman, you know what foods are nourishing for your body so why do you think punishing it with yet another restrictive diet will work?
  • What would it take for you to truly love your body unconditionally in the same way that you love your children, partner, family or even your dog?
  • Are you ready to have a love affair with your body?  If you are then keep reading……

Thank You Body Exercise

When you are ready to start loving your gorgeous body, here is an exercise for you.

Do this exercise standing in front of a mirror with your hand on your heart.

You can be fully clothed to start with especially if you have difficulty accepting the way your body looks when you are naked.  The more you do this exercise and the more comfortable and in love with your body you become, you can start to remove your clothes as you do the exercise until you can do it naked in front of the mirror.

Repeat the following statement every day for the next 21 days –

Thank you body, I love you

Thank you body, you are loved

Thank you body you are pure love

Thank you [insert your name], I love you

Thank you [insert your name], you are loved

Thank you [insert your name] you are pure love

Infinite Love and Gratitude

Take a big deep breath and relax.

Let’s all stop beating ourselves up because we don’t like the body we have, yes I am including myself in this statement.  Remember your current body is a result of many decisions that you have made in your lifetime.  Accept your body for the glorious thing that it is and give thanks every day that it continues to keep you alive.


Infinite Love and Gratitude

PS If you are peri or post-menopausal and are struggling in any areas of your health or mindset why not book a complimentary Discovery Call with me.


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