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PSST - We have a balance doesn't exist!
Secret Mums' Business sets the record straight about the high expectations of many working Mums.  Trying to achieve a perfect balance between family and business is not only unachievable, it places more stress on women who are already stressed enough.
If you are ready to ditch the stress and create the life of your dreams, this book is for you.
Angela Counsel
Written by leading Naturopath and Lifestyle Coach, Angela Counsel specialises in helping working women feel happy and healthy in their everyday lives.  Having worked with hundreds of women over the past 11 years, and being an entrepreneurial Mum herself, Angela really understands the concerns of working Mums.  
"Reading Secret Mums' Business, I instantly realised everything outlined in the first few chapters was happening in my life.  I have started putting the steps into place already, and I can see a clearer vision for my future as a mother and business owner.  Thank you Angela, this book is sure to be my bible." - Llew Dowley, Graphic Designer, Author and Mum
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