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The shopping trolley of life

Have you ever grabbed a shopping trolley that didn’t want to go where you wanted to go? Actually, it would probably be the exception rather than the rule that shopping trolleys went where you wanted them to.
Earlier today I was doing the weekly shopping and I grabbed a small trolley. As I started to push the trolley it kept wanting to turn left, in fact if all I wanted to do was go in circles the trolley worked well. Because I only had a couple of thing to buy I decided to persevere with the trolley but it did require me to really push and twist my body to stay in control of where I wanted the trolley to go. After a short while of fighting the trolley my knees started to hurt due to the way I was twisting and pushing.

Then I thought “why not let go of the trolley handle and turn the trolley to the side and push it sideways?” All of sudden everything was so easy. The trolley moved exactly where I wanted it to and I didn’t have to fight anymore. This got me thinking about life and business.

How often do we “fight” to do things the way everyone else does things? We follow other people even when it causes us stress, pain and discomfort all in the name of trying to re-create someone else’s success. Just because someone else has been able to successfully do something one way (like push a trolley with the handles and it goes exactly where you want) that doesn’t mean it is the right way for you.

If you want to live a life of ease and flow, follow your own intuition. Do what feels right for you. If something is causing you pain and stress, this is an opportunity for you to look within to find your own answers. While it is great to learn from others who have gone before you, remember to put your own spin on things. You are the only person living your life with your experiences, don’t try to become a clone of someone else.

Infinite Love and Gratitude

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