Are you a female entrepreneur who experiences:
– brain fog
– sleepless nights
– sugar cravings
– extra weight around your tummy
– mental exhaustion

If you answered yes to 2 more of the above then it is likely that you have adrenal burnout and it is affecting your business, your relationships and your health.

How much is your stress really costing you in dollars and time?

As a female entrepreneur you have worked hard to create a business that you are proud of, but what did you have to sacrifice to get it? Working long hours and neglecting your health often means that you are tired and overwhelmed, leading to poor decisions, lack of motivation and a business that starts to struggle.

When emotions are high intelligence is low.

By getting back in control of your health and your mindset, not only will your business grow you will have the energy to really enjoy all aspects your business and life.

Angela Counsel is a Naturopath and Mindset Coach who is ready to take you from a place of stress and overwhelm to a business and lifestyle that you have always dreamt of.

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