Re-Vitalise Your Health Program

Are you sick of feeling tired and rundown?

Have you been looking for answers but nothing you try works?

Is your business suffering due to your lack of energy and motivation?

80% of all illness and symptoms are caused by stress. 

Many women in business are suffering from adrenal burnout and they don’t even know it.
Adrenal burnout is likely to be costing you lost sales, productivity, your relationships and your health.

If you are ready to ditch your life of feeling tired and run-down and finally live the life that you deserve….

then the Secret Mums Business Kickstart program is for you!

Here’s what you will learn in the Secret Mums Business Kickstart Program:

  • My 7 step Secret Mums Business process which will take you from stressed out to blissed.  You will not only feel energised, you will look better (you might even lose some weight as an added bonus) and your family will notice how much happier you are.
  • You will learn the steps that I go through with all of my clients to reduce their stress.  Once you have these steps you will have the foundation to create whatever you want in your life.
  • I will also share some of the special tricks that I use (and my VIP clients use) to keep them focused.
  • How the profit and productivity of a business is reflected in the health and well-being of it’s owner.

Here is a summary of everything included in the Secret Mums Business Kickstart Program:

  • Initial health assessment call to review where your health is at the moment and the steps that you need to take to get you back on track
  • Detailed health report and treatment plan designed to give you the support and information that you need to start feeling great again
  • Program Detox booklet with step by step instructions plus detox recipes
  • Access to personalised recipe database with over 1000 recipes
  • 8 weekly videos with additional health and nutritional information
  • 3 x monthly one on one calls to check in to see how you are going and to keep you on track
  • 3 x monthly group calls to answer your questions and keep you on track
  • Email support for those extra questions that come up every so often
  • Access to private facebook group for ongoing community support

Cost – $766 ($65/wk x 12 payments)

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