Want to earn some extra money while helping women to reduce stress?

If you want to be able to help women reduce stress while earning some income and getting some great cross promotion opportunities, then this is the place to be.

The Partner Promotional opportunities will change over time and the current opportunity is associated with the Entrepreneur’s Retreat which is being run in November 2016.

Details of this promotion and the rewards are as follows

The Entrepreneur’s Retreat partnership doesn’t require you to directly promote the retreat at all, it requires the sharing of some content with your database.  I would share the content with you and if you find it valuable then I ask that you share it with your clients.  You would be provided with all of the promotional materials including emails and social media images.  All promotional materials would include a personalised link that is trackable.

The content is an e-version copy of my book followed by a series of 4 videos titled “Running a Business Without the Stress”.  The topics in the video series include

–          What stress is and how it impacts your business, relationships and health

–          Creating a values driven business (and life)

–          Discovering your BHAG

–          Trusting your intuition

At the end of the video series I will be inviting everyone to attend a free webinar where I will be promoting my Entrepreneurs Retreat.

I certainly don’t expect you to promote the e-book or videos series out of the goodness of your heart. I am setting up a generous affiliate system which will reward you for any tickets to the retreat that are sold via your personalised link.  The details of the affiliate rewards are

– $250 for every ticket sold via your affiliate link, this is a flat fee regardless of the sale price of the ticket.  If the payment option is taken then $83.33 x 3 payments will be made to you

– If 1 ticket is sold via your affiliate link you will acknowledged as a sponsor in the retreat booklet.  Your logo, brief description of your services and website will be included.

– If 2 or more tickets are sold you can be a guest on my podcast Healthy, Wealthy & Wise plus you will get 1 months advertising on the podcast and via my social media + mention in the retreat booklet

– If there are 3 or more tickets sold via your affiliate link you will be given free access to the retreat (accommodation costs will need to be covered by you) + podcast guest and advertising and mention in the retreat booklet

If this is a Partnership opportunity that you would like to be part of please complete the form below.

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