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My secret weapon to beating overwhelm

Written by Angela Counsel

Earlier this week I was in a state of complete overwhelm, my to do list was a mile long and I was feeling like a failure.

My kids were annoying me, couldn’t they see I was busy.  I didn’t have time to referee their petty fights all of the time

I felt like a crap Mum, I should have more patience, I should spend more time with my kids, I shouldn’t spend so much time working, I should …….

I had started waking up at 4am again with my mind racing with all of the things that were going wrong in my business and in my life, I couldn’t stop those negative thoughts even though I knew they weren’t doing me any good.

I was back in the spiral of being busy and overwhelmed and stressed, the place that I had worked so hard to get out of.

I had set myself the task of filling 3 events in 3 weeks and anyone who has ever had to fill just one event you will know what a job that can be.  I was wasn’t getting people booking in, so I was thinking will I have to cancel.  How come everything I am doing wasn’t working?

Every time I opened facebook all I saw was everyone else’s successes, it was starting to p*** me off and it made me feel more like failure.

I was working until late at night, even though I knew I should have been getting to bed earlier.  Then I got sick and I was struggling to finish even the simplest of tasks.

I was doing, doing, doing and getting nowhere.

I was so busy but I wasn’t productive.

I certainly wasn’t feeling calm and peaceful, I felt like there was nothing going right in my business I was busting my butt for no return and so it went on ….

Then I realised the only person who could get me out of this funk was me!

I needed to do something different, because what I was doing wasn’t working

I hadn’t been doing the things that I teach my clients,

I hadn’t been taking quiet time just for me and

I hadn’t been looking after the most important person in my family, my business and my life – ME!!!

So the first thing a did was give me kids a cuddle, that always reminds me who I am and why I do what I do.

Then I sat down and wrote in my journal, something that I had neglected to do for quite some time.  I looked at my beliefs with some perspective and challenged the truth as I saw it.

I then watched a fantastic video with two of my greatest mentors Carren Smith and Byron Katie (you can check it out here) and I realised that the words that had been running through my head weren’t true.  The decisions I had made weren’t wrong and I wasn’t a failure.

These thoughts had been my beliefs, but they weren’t the truth of who I was.

I spent some time prioritising everything that was on my To Do list according to my values and re-focused on my big picture vision and the next steps that I needed to take to get me there.

Then I just let go.

Let go of doing everything perfect.

Let go of being what (I thought) other people expected of me

Let go of everything that wasn’t in line with my values and vision.

Let go of being right!

Even as I let go I realised I still had just as many things on my ToDo list but it didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.  I was able to knock off a few tasks really quickly.  I was motivated and focussed, I knew what I was working towards.

As soon as I was feeling better about my life and myself, I had an exciting opportunity come up in my business, my next client call went absolutely fantastically and I am now helping her with an exciting new venture.  The change was amazing when I re-connected to my purpose, stopped with the crap that was spinning through my head and got back to focussing on what was important in my life and my business.

My secret weapon was ME!

By focussing on me, not my business, not my family, nothing else I was able to reduce the stress and overwhelm to nothing and now I feel peaceful and calm and I know that the right opportunities will flow to me from this space.  I have the energy I need to keep motivated and productive.

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