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Motivation Monday – Time to start again and again…

Old combi van

Today on Motivation Monday, we go into more detail about doing things differently. Often, we get stressed from doing the same things, over and over, and getting the same result, because we are only seeing what we want to see.

For example, how many of us are completely present while driving? Many of us aren’t, because driving for years, especially in the same car, frequently leads to us doing everything automatically. This can result in only seeing things as they normally appear, not as they are at the time, such as stopping too fast because it may feel “right”. We can overcome this by treating every day as a “first time”. If you had just dropped out of the sky, with no past or future, would you be doing things the same way? Or would there be a different way that you would live, be a mum, or run your business?

Now it’s your turn to make this week a week of new beginnings. What are you going to do differently?

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