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Motivation Monday – Does Manifesting work?

Girl with her mother holding a new flower
Girl with her mother holding a new flower

This Motivation Monday is all about manifesting, the often-misunderstood concept popularised by The Secret. Manifesting is not just thinking about an expensive car or new opportunity and expecting it to spontaneously appear. Many people often do try to see the positive, but can only talk about negativity.

Why is it that some people attract bad luck, but others don’t? Our ability to manifest the outcomes we actually want can have a lot to do with our personal energetic vibration. Often when we feel low, so is our vibration, but we can choose to raise our vibration above the current situation, and in turn, this may improve our mood and aid manifestation of new opportunities. When thinking about improving our business, it may be best to see it as expansion, not growth. This can create a “vortex”, which raises its vibration as your business grows and you make more of an impact, attracting people with the same higher vibrations.

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