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Motivation Monday – Being in Control

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How many of us like to be in control over everything? Unfortunately, while most people prefer to have control over every situation, usually the only thing we can control is ourselves, and trying to control everything else can lead to things falling apart.

This is what risk management is all about: what alternatives and work-arounds are available if things don’t go as originally planned, because frequently they don’t. However, many new entrepreneurs do not have risk management plans, because of lack of access to external project managers during the launch phase. When success depends on everything going to plan, up to the smallest details, stress can ensue, emotions can run high, and decision-making can go out the window.

But how do we stop feeling the need to take control over other people? The best thing we can do is to never give up control over our own thoughts, our own words and our own actions, as giving up our responsibilities leads to the need for control over others.

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