Angela Counsel regularly appears in the media discussing wellbeing topics that affect women in business and their families.

Here are some of her most popular appearances:-

Guest Article on

Dealing with hot flushes can make life uncomfortable for many women as they move through menopause.  I wrote an article for on how you can manage hot flushes naturally. Click here to read



Magnificent Midlife Podcast Interview

When the world had gone crazy with Corona Virus, Rachel Lankester invited me onto the Magnificent Midlife Podcast to talk about immunity and hormones.  It was great to chat with Rachel who is based in the UK and share my thoughts on how midlife women can strengthen their immune system.  Click here to listen



Love & Guts Podcast Interview with Angela Counsel

Love & Guts Podcast Interview

Lynda Griparic is a great Naturopath who loves all things about healthy digestion and healthy mindset so when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast I wasn't sure where the conversation was going to go.  Lynda and I always have very interesting chats and you can be a fly on the wall as we talk about many different topics, there is some mention of poo along the way.  I loved being a part of Lynda's podcast, I hope that you enjoy listening to it as well.  If you love what you hear why not subscribe to the podcast on ITunes and listen to all of the other great guests that Lynda has on.  Click here to listen



Effortless Magazine

I was very honoured when my dear friend Carren Smith asked me to write an article for her great magazine called Effortless.  I decided to share the gift of the LifeLine Technique with her audience.  Apart from the small part that I played in this magazine you will find other great articles as well.  

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Inviting Shift Podcast

Earlier this year I sat down and had a chat with Christina Smith all about menopause and the changes that happen to women as they move into their mid-stage of life for her podcast called Inviting Shift. 

In this episode of the Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast, Julia chats with Angela Counsel. Angela is a mother of two, and a naturopath and lifestyle coach.

We discuss how too much stress can make you sick, the long term effects of stress, how diet affects your mood and well-being, why we crave chocolate and the RIGHT kind to eat, the right kind of carbs to eat, how to treat fruit and vegetables if you can’t afford to buy organic, everyday strategies that you can put into place RIGHT NOW to reduce stress, the importance of sleep and how to switch off, accepting life for what it is, how to prevent burn out, and guilt – the biggest waste of emotion out there.

Click here to listen, scroll down the list to Episode 15

Studying while you are a Mum as well can be stressful as you try to juggle everything.  On this episode of Study Mum I share some tips on how you can reduce stress and get more done.  

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Leonie Percy from YogaMamata and host of Magnetic Mamas is one of my favourite people and it was an honour to be a guest on her podcast. This conversation started with my story and went off on several different tangents from reducing stress, to being mindful to the food you eat. I had lots of fun and I think you will enjoy it as well

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I recently chatted to Tan Turner from Coach on Fire Radio and we discussed 

  • Top tips to reduce stress
  • How to top and listen to the messages your body is sending to you.
  • How to make changes in your life and your business to reduce stress.

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A short chat with Fred Gillan from ABi Radio all about stress and running a business, we also touch on some tips natural therapists.

A great discussion with Ed Phillips from 2UE on the Healthy Lifestyle show, we are talking about how you can reduce stress in you life and business.

I always love when I get a chance to chat to some of my favourite people and this conversation with Franziska Iseli-Hall was so much fun.  We talked about stress, having fun and how you can reduce stress with a pencil - you will have to listen to find out more about that.  

I had a great chat with Deb Fahey from Authentic Publications all about running a business and looking after yourself.

In this episode of Bond Appetit I discuss the secret to stop storing fat and how to be a high performance Mumpreneur.

Learn my story and how I came to be a naturopath who is dedicated to working with stressed female entrepreneurs.  Jane Jackson is a great Career Coach and the author of Navigating Career Crossroads.

Join me for an in depth discussion with Carren Smith about stress, hormones and a few other things.  I love my conversations with Carren and luckily you can have a listen to this one as well.

Let’s talk about stress. The good, the bad and….well, just the good and the bad today.

Now in the past few years or so, as people have become more aware of the impact stress can have on their health, stress has got a bit of a bad rap.

Interview with Lara Taouk Sleiman.  A must hear interview for women and working mothers specifically. Angela Counsel busts the myth of work life balance and time management in an insightful, controversial and very empowering message.

A chat with Dr Linda Wilson about stress, motherhood and business

Click here to view a review of Secret Mums Business (book

Feature article on Inspirational Women - How Old do I really Look?


The Morning Show appearance with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies discussing the role of food in children's behaviour. May 2011

Good Health Article on whether your should detox or not, Angela provides expert opinion on the benefits of detoxing in a healthy manner.
Should you Detox? The Experts Advise.


Channel 10 News - news segment on Working Mums Masterclass where I was presenting

Nature Spirit Speak

Various interviews with Geraldine Teggelove from Nature Spirit Speak Radio
Click here to hear the recording about Superfoods

Click here to hear the recording about Weight loss

Click here to hear the interview about Body Speak