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Manifesting your Vision – focus on the what not the how

Mindful back shot

Since the beginning of this year, many of the artists that I grew up with have passed away, people like David Bowie, Glen Fry and recently Prince. Seeing this happening can have you starting to think about your own mortality. I mean no one lives in their physical body forever and even if you believe that you will come back in another form after you die, this is the life that we are all living right now.

At the end of last year I was doing some planning for my business and I put created a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for my vision. The BHAG was to create a retreat centre for stressed female entrepreneur’s to give them a place where they can go to retreat and disconnect from their current life and reconnect to the life that they dream of. I had told a few people about this vision and got some positive feedback about it being a good idea but….

I didn’t really believe that it could happen.  I hoped that it would but I didn’t believe in my vision.

This started me thinking and I did some morning journalling around my vision and what it meant to me. There were some swear words, then there were tears and then there was a realisation. A retreat centre had been my dream 20 years ago but I had let it go and I didn’t really believe that I could get it back again.

When my husband and I were first married we spoke about buying a large amount of land in Maleny Queensland and I was going to run a B&B/Retreat on it and he was going to ride his mountain bike everyday and look after everything.  We even looked at some properties, we had dreams.  In my dreams I could see people coming to our property to get away from it all, I would look after them.  This was before I was ever a naturopath and knew anything about health.  But we both had busy corporate careers and we were busy so the dream went away.  We had kids, I changed career and any mention of those days in Maleny disappeared with the busyness of life.

After more soul searching and more writing I realised that while yes I wanted a retreat centre what I really wanted to create was a place where women could go and feel supported, where they became part of a community. What I wanted to create was a place of retreat, somewhere that women could take timeout to focus on themselves. I saw my role as providing the nurturing support that these women craved.

My role was to create the place of retreat, a safe place for these women.

Then I realised that everything that I have done for the past 10 years has been about creating this place of retreat. The Ambaa Tree was created to provide community and support to new Mums, I wrote a book to give Mums in business tools to create their own place of retreat. I continue to work with clients to provide them a place of retreat.

Even the Entrepreneur’s Playdate is about providing a place of retreat once a month for female entrepreneurs. A place where women can take some time out, just for them.

A Place to Disconnect to Reconnect

While having a retreat centre is back in my vision, and my husband and I are looking to find a suitable property to make this happen, creating a place of retreat is something that I know I can create right now for any woman who is looking for it.

My biggest learning from this experience is something that I say to my clients often – create what you want in your vision and allow the Universe to deliver the how and it doesn’t always turn up the way that you expect it to.


If you are ready to come to my place of retreat you can join my private facebook group (click here) or you can come along to the next Entrepreneur’s Playdate event Click here to book your ticket.


Infinite Love and Gratitude

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