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Managing Stress with a Coping Toolkit

Woman with a Toolkitby Angela Counsel

This month we’ve been focusing on stress management. Our subconscious mind controls the way we feel and the way we live our lives. Often in time of stress and overwhelm, we revert to learned behaviour.

Remember we talked about Subconscious stress triggers last week? Yep. That.

It’s like having a computer program running in the background of our lives. A file error pops up, it slows everything down and the file error is repeated until we make some changes to the program, make some space on our hard drive or just reboot.

The way we react to situations is learned behaviour so it can be changed. You can change the way you react to things. You absolutely can.

One of the ways you can do this is to have a Coping Toolkit on hand. Have some strategies and methods in your back pocket that can make you aware of your reactions and manage them. Here are two simple tools you can pop into your toolkit.


1. INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE Infinite Love and Gratitude Hand Mudra

Yep, you see this phrase a lot on my blog, my Facebook page, my book. It’s because I use it. I use it because it works.

In times of irritability, stress and frustration, note your negative feelings, then place your hand in the Infinite Love and Gratitude sign (see right). Place your hand over your heart and say ‘Infinite Love and Gratitude’ as many times as necessary. Feel it ground you.

You are replacing love with fear here. Love and fear cannot exist at the same time. Replace fear and anger with love and feel your anxiety levels decrease.



This is a great way to get you through feelings of stress and overwhelm. Sitting down before you go to bed, letting go of every single thing that’s in and on your mind by writing in a journal does wonders for your inner peace.

Just write. It doesn’t have to make sense. Literally write the day off. Write it off. You have a new day dawning tomorrow. As you write, release the negative feelings that have built up through the day.

What ever is in your head, just keep writing. If you have to, simply write, “I have got nothing to write, I have got nothing to write”. It will eventually clear and things will start coming out. That is a really good way of tapping into the subconscious mind working on your thought patterns and beliefs. And the more you clear that, the less overwhelm you have in your life.

If you can, find it in your heart to release a stressful situation, forgive somebody who really upset you that day. Let it go. And rest. This is for YOUR inner peace. It will really help you sleep easier.

Creating intentions is also another tool to have in your Coping Toolkit. I’ll write about that another day – we’ll focus a whole blog post on to that as intentions are a positive and powerful thing and I’d like to go into detail with that for you.

What do you do when you’re feeling stressed? Do you have some strategies, methods and tools in a toolkit ready for action when required?

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