Welcome to Issue #8 of the Maga Woman Magazine, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since I first launched this magazine only 8 months ago. Over the past few months I have been able to share some fantastic articles and information with you and this issue is no different.

In this issue we tackle the topic of relationships and sexuality as we move through this next stage of life. Our cover Wise Woman Taryn Harvey shares her wisdom on why we need intimacy to thrive as we age beyond 50. There are also some fantastic stories written by women who share their experience of their menopause transition, it is great to read these stories because it does help you realise that you are not alone in your experiences.

If you have an interest in essential oils I have written an article on the best oils to use to help you to manage any of the symptoms of menopause that you might be experiencing.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the magazine, please feel free to share it with anyone else who you think might like to read it. If you are not already a part of the private facebook group and you would like to become part of a community of like-minded women you can request to join HERE.

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