Maga Woman Magazine Issue #6

I can’t believe that we are up to issue #6 of the magazine already, the feedback that I have received has been amazing. I checked some stats the other day and the magazine has been viewed over 10,000 times which really amazed me. Hopefully the information that is being included in the magazine is making a big difference in the lives of women who are moving through their mid-stage of life. If you know of anyone who would enjoy reading this magazine please feel free to send through the link.

In this issue we are covering the topic of courage. Our cover wise woman Brenda really knows what being courageous is all about, in fact she wrote a book on the subject. Brenda has written an article for this issue of the magazine.

We also cover the very important topic of domestic violence in this issue, this is something that impacts many women in our society and things must change. Angela Raspass also shares an article on comparisonitis and how to avoid it in your life.

I hope you enjoy this issue and don’t forget to join the private facebook group if you are not already a member, click HERE to join.

Infinite Love and Gratitude


Click on the image below to open the magazine, it might take a few minutes for the magazine to completely load (depending on your internet connection), if the print or images are not clear wait for a few more seconds.