Maga Woman Magazine Issue #5

Welcome to the next issue of the Maga Woman Magazine and this is a very special issue for me as I get to bring you some of my closest friends and women who have made a big difference in my life. Firstly our cover wise woman is Carren Smith. Carren is a Bali Bomb Survivor and a true inspiration who now teaches others how they can live an effortless life. Carren is one of my dearest friends and she has made the biggest difference in my life and the way I see the world.

I am also proud to bring an article written by another friend, Keri Norley, which is all about having a deep love affair with yourself. There is so much to learn from Keri’s article about what self-love really is. Take the time to read this and take in what she has written.

There is also another article on tapping into your intuition written by another dear friends of mine (this really is a friend’s issue) and I share with you some tips on coping with stress in your life.

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Infinite Love and Gratitude


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