Maga Woman Magazine Issue #2

Welcome back to the next issue of the Maga Woman Magazine, I hope that you enjoyed the very first issue. This issue has the gorgeous Natalie Southgate on the cover, Natalie is the creator of the beautiful dance process called ChakraDance. Natalie has written an article for us explaining what chakras are, how they can impact your life and how you can move to clear any blocked energy in your chakras. I have also recorded an interview with Natalie and you will find the link in the magazine.

In this issue of the magazine we also have the first of a couple of articles written by Caitlin Grace, Caitlin is a Yoni Egg Coach and in this issue she talks all about pelvic floor health and why it is so important as we grow older. Not only will you be exercising the pelvic floor, you will find a great article on exercise and the right type as you age. There is so much more in this issue of the Maga Woman Magazine, why not grab a cuppa and enjoy.

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Until next issue

Infinite Love and Gratitude


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