Maga Woman Magazine Issue #1

Welcome to the very first issue of the Maga Woman Magazine, I am so excited to have you here. I created this magazine to guide women through their mid-stage of life, hopefully you will find the articles in the magazine useful.

Being a trained naturopath I thought that I knew all about peri-menopause and menopause until I reached this stage of life, then I realised that there was so much that I didn’t know. As I spoke to different women I found that there were so many different experiences, some women had severe symptoms and others had none, this led me to do more research and some of what I found has been shared in this magazine.

I am so lucky to have some fantastic women who were open to writing articles and sharing their wisdom and stories with others. You will find a combination of topic based articles and personal stories in the magazine. In this launch issue I am pleased to offer you articles that cover the following topics:

  • introducing the term Maga Woman
  • emotional eating
  • natural solutions to manage menopause symptoms
  • reconnecting to who you really are
  • securing your financial future

I hope that you enjoy this very first issue of the Maga Woman Magazine, don’t forget to join the private facebook group where you will meet other like-minded women. Click HERE to join.

Infinite Love and Gratitude


Click on the image below to open the magazine, it might take a few minutes for the magazine to completely load (depending on your internet connection), if the print or images are not clear wait for a few more seconds.