Live Life Well Program

The Live Life Well Program is a short program created to provide you with support and accountability as you make life-long changes in your life.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

– you are feeling a bit lost and unsure of your next steps;

– you are someone who knows what to do but you are having problems actually doing it;

– you are ready to look a bit deeper at the past emotional wounds you might have that are impacting your life now

This program will provide you with the support and accountability that you need to make life long changes in your life. You will go on a journey to tap into the underlying reasons why you are feeling lost or continue to repeat the same things over and over.

Using tools such as the LifeLine Technique you will discover the belief systems that you have programmed in your sub-conscious that causes you to self-sabotage and react in particular ways in response to certain triggers.  Once your limiting beliefs and emotions have been identified you will have the tools to make different decisions.

As part of this program you will create a plan to allow you to Live Life Well and over a 3 month period you will be provided with the support and accountability that you require to make changes in your life.



The Live Life Well Package costs $545 which includes

3 x 1.5hr calls (via Zoom) which includes LifeLine Technique to help identify the belief systems and emotions that are stopping you from Living Life Well

Values and Vision Worksheets and meditation to provide additional clarity around the life you desire to be living

Recording of your calls so you can refer to them at a later stage. These calls will include your LifeLine Technique sessions which if you listen to again may result in deeper healing

Life Plan for the following 3 months for you to implement and as a reminder of what you truly desired when it come to you Living Your Life Well

Fortnightly email check-ins for 3 months to keep you accountable and to answer your questions

Click here to purchase a session, once your payment has been processed you will be sent an email to book your appointment in Angela’s diary.

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