Live Your Best Life with the LifeLine Technique

Ever wonder why some people seems to have it all when all you do is struggle?  Have you tried this thing called manifesting and it just doesn’t work for?  You are not alone.  For years I followed all of the manifesting ‘experts’ with limited success.  Yes I could manifest a good car park but manifesting something bigger than that seemed out of my reach.  I couldn’t work out how these other people seemed to be so good at manifesting.  Then I learnt the secret.

Actually there is no real secret to manifesting the life of your dreams, you just have to change your beliefs.

You see what stops you from living your best life is your beliefs.  On some level you don’t believe that you are good enough for the good things in life.  You don’t believe that you are worth being paid more money.  You don’t believe that you can have a different life.  It all comes down to your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

The problem is that you are probably not even consciously aware of many of these beliefs.  You have formed these beliefs due to your life experiences and what you have been taught by your family and society in general.  These beliefs are part of your sub-conscious mind which controls up to 90% of your thoughts and actions, as well as how your body functions (or doesn’t function ie disease)

Guess what?   Your beliefs are not the truth of who you are!

You can change your beliefs simply by tapping into your sub-conscious mind and the LifeLine Technique (LLT) will help you to understand your beliefs and where they have come from.  LLT helps you to process your past emotions that have been supporting your faulty belief systems.

If you are experiencing any physical symptoms, chronic pain or ongoing stress then the LLT can help you find the answers and show you how it is possible to manifest your heart’s desire.

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I offer private LLT sessions to help you to discover what beliefs are stopping you from living your best life.  Because all of us have a lot of ‘stuff’ to process I generally recommend that you start off with 3 sessions and then after this you can decide to continue with single sessions on a less regular basis.


3 sessions $490

Single session $175

To book your sessions click here to be taken to an order form.  Once your payment has been made you will be sent an email with a link to my calendar where you can book a suitable time.