Interview Angela Counsel

Thanks for your interest in interviewing me.  I love being a part of other people’s podcasts or radio shows and I am happy to speak on the following topics

  • the myth of work life balance
  • managing stress
  • how stress affects your health and your business
  • stress and female hormones
  • how female entrepreneurs can reduce stress in their life
  • the mindset of stress

I am fairly happy to speak freely on health, lifestyle and mindset.  I am happy to speak off the cuff without pre-prepared questions so long as you stick to my topics of choice.

I am based in Australia and generally would prefer a pre-recorded interview but for Australian radio I am happy for a live interview so long as I know the topic and have an idea of what it is you want to ask me.

Promotion of your podcast/radio show

After the interview I am happy to promote your show via my social media, on my website on the Blog Page and also on the Media page.  It will also be added to some Podcast Pintrest boards which I am a member of.  Please ensure that you provide my team with links and graphics so that your show can be promoted.  Any links etc can be sent to

How do I schedule an interview?

Click here to complete a request form below and submit it to my team. We will review your information to see if it is a good fit, if it is you will be sent an email with a link to book a time in my diary.

I am always happy to create a free giveaway for your audience or discuss affiliate opportunities.