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I was a total fraud!

fraud imageBy Angela Counsel

I thought I would share with you why I stopped being a clinical naturopath and what I am now doing.  Having worked in clinic for nearly 9 years I found myself stressed and worn out, exactly the same thing I had been helping my clients deal with for many years.  To be honest in the last 18 months that I had my clinic my business was losing a lot of money and I was feeling like a total failure. I felt like a fraud.  Here I was telling other women how they could be successful in their lives, how living a healthy lifestyle was the first step to creating their ideal life.  I was a long way from my ideal life.

I felt guilty because my clinic was costing my family time and money.  I was stressed and not sleeping properly, which was causing me to feel even more stressed and cranky.  I only exercised sporadically and while my diet was generally okay but it wasn’t unusual for me to grab a chocolate brownie (or similar) on the days that I was feeling really stressed.  Most importantly I wasn’t being the person I want to be, I certainly didn’t think I was being a very good Mum. Most of the time I wasn’t enjoying being in clinic and I wasn’t having fun away from clinic.  In my eyes I was a total fraud.

Early 2013 I realised that I needed to change things – my life, my business and myself.  I had to get clear on what I wanted to do and the message that I wanted to share with the world.  I wanted to make sure that I was a positive role model for my children and for the people around me.  Being in clinic was not my passion, I struggled with clients who were looking for a quick fix and weren’t prepared to change their diet, lifestyle and mindset.  I was in an industry that was moving more towards evidence based medicine which saw naturopaths doing the same things as doctors, just using safer medicines.  I felt a responsibility to ‘fix’ other people. This wasn’t my passion.

My heart would beat with excitement when I would speak to a client about the way they felt about themselves, their self value, their place in the world.  When I saw women who were stressed, in pain, often diagnosed with different conditions, make massive changes to their physical and emotional health just by taking responsibility for themselves and their lives – this is what makes my heart sing.  I knew this is what I needed to be doing.  I needed to be coaching, supporting and untangling the mind that keeps us all trapped where we are and stops us from achieving what we are meant to achieve.

This has led me to re-invent myself as a Business Lifestyle Coach specialising in helping Mums in Business reconnect to themselves so that they can be successful in business and in their life.  As a Business Lifestyle Coach I have combined my knowledge about running a business plus what I know about health and well-being and I now offer my clients a holistic view of their business and life.  During this time I have also written my book called Secret Mums Business.

Secret Mums Business busts the myth of work life balance and shows you how to create harmony between your business and your life.  I have also created a Secret Mums Business Workshop which takes the book one step further and provides the guidelines to implementing the 7 steps I describe in the book and I also offer coaching programs for women who want to work with me one on one.

Now that I have transformed my business and my life I am a lot closer to living the type of lifestyle that I want.  I am not completely there yet – I am still a work in progress!

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