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HWWB Ep#50 Celebrating our 50th Show

AC Life & Business InsightsOn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business, we are celebrating 50 episodes. I thought I would do something a little bit different for this episode and I had someone else interview me.

I asked one of my favourite guests and fellow podcaster Leonie Percy to interview me for her podcast Magnetic Mama, we ended up doing 2 interviews so I decided to publish one and Leonie has published the other one (you can listen here to Leonie’s episode.

On this episode I share my story about running a successful business but feeling like a fraud behind the scenes.  I talk about realising that I was burnt out and how I had to re-build my life and business after this.

We chat about practising mindfulness, the power of meditation, asking for guidance from the universe and re-connecting to your truth. I share some simple but life changing tips you can do every day to release stress using massage, oils, breathing and being mindful of your posture.

We talk about stepping into your power and making conscious choices that serve you in the best way.

My favourite quote – “ Make decisions from your heart, not from your head”



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