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HWWB Ep #52 – Maintaining your ethics in the face of competition with Alison Bell

episode-52-alison-bellIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I speak to Alison Bell former tennis champion who now manufactures a dehydrated Bone Broth product.  Alison and her partner Ada bought the small company Broth of Life which produces a handmade certified organic dehydrated bone broth. Nothing except organic bones, filtered water and organic vegetables is added to the product.  The broth is made with love and high ethical standards which Alison is not prepared to compromise on despite the entry of cheaper competitors into the market.

During this conversation Alison even shares how well the animals are treated prior to the inevitable, which results in the bones for the broth.  I loved chatting to Alison about her passion for what she does.  She has a real message for gut healing and she knows that her product is a great to help people feel better.

As part of the conversation Alison shares what it feels like as a business owner when a competitor comes onto the market and undercuts your prices.  She is aware that the competing product is not as purified as hers but due to Australia’s labelling and food manufacturing laws this difference is not seen on the packaging labelling.

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