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HWWB #51 – Creating the best customer experience with Salena Kight

episode-51-salena-knightIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I chat to Salena Knight who has a passion for working with Retailers.  Salena didn’t always work in Retail she actually is a qualified Arborist who used to work in government.  It was while she worked in government that Salena realised the importance of customer experience in any type of transaction.

In this conversation we not only talk about customer experience we also discuss cash flow, preparing for the quiet times in business and the importance of knowing your numbers.

This was a fun episode with lots of gold nuggets of information.  Have a listen and share in the

comments below what your greatest take away from this episode was.

Salena has kindly shared her cashflow webinar with us and you can access it by CLICKING HERE

If you are in retail and would like to chat with Salena about your business you can contact her HERE

You can connect with Salena on all social media @thesalenaknight

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