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HWWB #46 – Angela Counsel: Focus on what you want

AC Life & Business InsightsIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I talk about goals and focussing on what you want. Many people set ‘away from’ goals that they give up on after a couple of weeks. What do I mean by ‘away from’ goals these are goals where you are trying to move away from something, generally something that causes you pain or discomfort eg losing weight. The problem with these types of goals is that you will be relying on willpower to make it happen, and willpower will become won’t power very quickly when you come up against the first barrier.

In this episode I talking about finding the reason for your goals, the real reason for why you want to achieve the goal. When you have your reason then you focus on achieving that. I believe that what you focus on grows so you want to be focussing on something that you want to move toward rather than what you are trying to move away from.

Share in the comments below what you are focussing on achieving at the moment, what is your main goal?

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