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HWWB #45 – Angela Counsel: Gifts in strange wrapping paper

AC Life & Business InsightsIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I speak about the signs and symptoms that your body has and what they mean. Symptoms, pain and chronic disease are the way in which your body communicates to you. This might seem a bit woo woo and trust me there was a time when I thought it was woo woo as well.

I share with you my journey of my naturopathic study and how science based I was when I first graduated and went into clinic. I understand the body mechanisms and how the chemical constituents of herbs and nutrients worked with in the body. But over the years I realised that there was a missing piece to the puzzle, there was something that didn’t quite fit into the science based model that I had been taught.

Then I discovered the role that emotions and limiting beliefs had on our health and well-being. I came to respect these messages from the body as true gifts, or gifts in strange wrapping paper. There has been a lot written about the role of emotions and beliefs on the physical health and there is even some research that supports what has been written about.

You can learn more about what I have spoken about in this episode from the following books

The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude by Dr Darren Weissman

Awakening the Secret Code of your Mind by Dr Darren Weissman

Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

If you suffer from ongoing symptoms, whether they are niggling or serious enough to impact your life, why not join us for the Entrepreneurs Playdate Retreat where I will be sharing more information about these gifts and how you can address your stress and pain using tools like the LifeLine Technique. To learn more about the Entrepreneur’s Playdate retreat Click Here.



4 Responses to HWWB #45 – Angela Counsel: Gifts in strange wrapping paper

  1. Love this Angela!My body had been ‘talking’ to me for years. I recently had sciatica and after reading Louise Hay and meditating on it,I decided to resign my full-time marketing role and focus on growing my business instead.Fascinating that the sciatica then disappeared.

    • Pauline that’s amazing how quickly your body responded to you taking action and I think with you deciding to do what is right for you you will find that some of your other issues start to resolves as well. Congratulations on taking the big leap of faith, it is about time that you shared your gifts with the world properly.

  2. I have already learned and implemented so much of what you talked about here, and yet I absolutely loved the different perspective that you brought to it! My recent recurring symptom is a rash on my face. A few years ago, it took me on such a journey of discovery that I even wrote a blog about how much that rash taught me. Yet lately it’s come back and I’m feeling a bit stumped about it again. So I’m taking your advice to simply accept it, appreciate it, and learn from it, and it’s reminded me to look forward to the learnings that are on their way. My body is such an awesome teacher! Thank you Angela for reminding me of the gifts in strange wrapping paper.

    • Bex, thanks for your comment. I love that you appreciate what your body has to teach you. There are often many gifts in strange wrapping paper in our lives if we are prepared to see them fr what they are. Infinite Love and Gratitude

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