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HWWB #43 – Angela Counsel: A Very Personal Story

AC Life & Business InsightsIn this week’s episode I share with you a very personal story, and sorry there are tears. I share with you some of the things that I went through when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. I went into Naturopath mode and tried to fix the problem. I gave him lots of advice on what he could do and then I got angry when he didn’t listen to me and chose to follow his Doctor’s instructions.

I know that many practitioners feel the same way when it comes to the health of their parents. It can be so frustrating when the people that you love don’t want to listen to you.

My Dad passed away 11mths ago, and while I had changed my stance on his treatment choices towards the end I realised recently that I hadn’t completely resolved the conflict in my head. In the past few days I have been missing my Dad so badly, I have spent many hours in tears wanting to be able to speak to him, to be able to see him one more time.

On Saturday I got a message from my Dad (yes there is woowoo in this episode), this message has changed everything for me. Pain that I have had for 2 years has gone, I have forgiven myself for the way that I behaved. I am in a place of Love not sadness or regret anymore.

As I said this is a deeply personal episode and I share the story in the hope that it can help others in a similar situation. Infinite Love and Gratitude



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