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HWWB #40 – Karly Nimmo: Finding Your Voice with Podcasting

HWWB_Episode_40_Karly_NimmoIn today’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in business we are talking all about podcasting, speaking your truth and we also speak about failure. Karly Nimmo has an extensive background in radio and copywriting and she has run many businesses from the time she was young. Karly shares with us her biggest business failure and what she learnt from that and most importantly she speaks out about being vulnerable and open about the ‘real’ side of business.

Karly also shares some of her key tips to creating a successful podcast and why she thinks most business, particularly service based businesses, would benefit from having a podcast.

This conversation takes many twists and turns, but it was lots of fun.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this episode. Share one of your vulnerable moments that you learnt from and share your lesson with others. The more we talk about these things the more we can help others.

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Caution: there is a little bit of mild adult language in this episode, so maybe don’t listen to it in front of your kids or in an open workspace.


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